What is 1 wire

What is 1-wire?

1-wire is a:
  1. communication protocol
  2. wiring scheme
  3. assortment of devices and 'iButtons'

The design and control of the protocol is from Dallas Semiconductor (part of Maxim Semiconductor) which has application notes, software, and devices for sale.

The 1-wire protocol is marketing-speak. It is actually 2 wires, one for ground.

The active wire conducts data and power!

What are the advantages?

  1. Simple connections
  2. Self configuring
  3. Cheap and flexible devices

Ok, Disadvantages?

  1. Relatively slow
  2. Needs an adapter (bus master) and software (like OWFS).
  3. Have to be a little careful in wire layout to avoid signal reflections

Best uses

  1. Home automation
  2. Easy monitoring
    Wine cellar
  3. Fun hacks
    Peter Kropf Motorcycle Odyssey