Vendors for 1-wire devices

This is a non-exclusive list of 1-wire vendors.

Most of these sources have supported 1-wire development by offering information or test samples. (No money). 1-wire components and devices reseller Erik Freiholtz is a contributor to the mailing list
iButtonLink iButtonLink Designs Link bus masters and multisensors devices among many others components Test samples and information
Embedded Data Systems Embedded Data Systems(EDS) Designs Bus masters and envoronmental sensors among many other components Test samples and extensive information and modification for OWFS support
Maxim IC Maxim Integrated (includes Dallas Electronics) Devolper of 1-wire technology and maker of most components Samples and some support information
AAG electronica AAG Electronica 1-wire weather statio, sensors Allowed use of barometer code.
Brain4home Brain4Home home automation BAE0910 and BAE0911 1-wir progrqammable microcontrollers with multiple functions Pascal Baerten has provided samples and complete support, testing and patches.
Hobby Boards 1-wire sensors like humidity and leaf wetness as well as kits and designs Eric Vickery has provided samples and extensive support
CMCIEL CMCIEL Non-contact thermal sensors, rotation and voltage sensors. Information and datasheets.