Owserver flag word

owserver flag word

Word 4 of the protocol header has the following format:

  •  4 bytes long
  • network long order
  • present in both server and client messages
 Field Value pattern comment
device display  f.i 0x00000000  /10.67C6697351FF
  fi 0x01000000  /1067C6697351FF
  f,i,c 0x02000000  /10.67C6697351FF.8D
  f.ic 0x03000000  /10.67C6697351FF8D
  fi.c 0x04000000  /1067C6697351FF.8D
  fic 0x05000000  /1067C6697351FF8D
temperature scale 0x00000000  Centigrade 
  F 0x00010000  Fahrenheit
  K 0x00020000  Kelvin 
  R 0x00030000  Rankine
pressure scale mbar 0x00000000  millibar
  atm 0x00040000  atmosphere
  mmHg 0x00080000  mm Mercury
  inHg 0x000C0000  inch Mercury
  psi 0x00100000  pounds per square inch
  Pa 0x00140000  pascal
ownet_flag   0x00000100  Ownet request (included for all ownet messages)
uncached 0/1 0x00000020  Implicit /uncached
safemode 0/1 0x00000010  Restrict operations to reads and cached, more
alias 0/1 0x00000008  Use aliases for known slaves (human readable names)
persistence 0/1 0x00000004  Request/Grant persistence
bus_ret 0/1 0x00000002  Include special directories (settings, statistics, uncached,...)