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Man Pages

Man pages are short descriptions of program function, syntax, options, and alternatives.
The term man comes from manual -- a programming manual. Man pages are used extensively in UNIX.
OWFS has an extensive collection of man pages, covering the actual programs, and the supported 1-wire slaves.

This section: Programs

Full Programs Shell Programs Language modules
  • owfs
    • Filesystem program (requires fuse)
  • owhttpd
    • Web server program
  • owftpd
    • FTP server program
  • owserver
    • Multiplexer and network remote connector
  • owdir
    • List 1-wire devices or properties
  • owread
    • read 1-wire value
  • owwrite
    • set a 1-wire value
  • owpresent
    • check if a 1-wire device is connected
      Full - libow Light -OWNet
       Includes full owserver library Works through existing owserver process
     Perl: owperl
     PHP: owphp OWNet.php
     Python:  owpython
     Tcl: owtcl  
     Visual Basic    OWNet.vb

    Full Programs

    These are stand-alone programs, that can either connect directly to 1-wire buses, or to owservers. Each provides a different approach to 1-wire access, although there are strong similarities. The Full Programs are intended to run for a while, and support local caching, multithreading, and appropriate locking.

    Shell Programs

    The shell programs are transient programs that attach to a single owserver and perform one operation. (List, read, write, check presence). No caching, multithreading or direct 1-wire bus connection is done.

    Full Language Modules

    Language modules are similar to the full programs because they can bind directly to 1-wire adapters, or to owserver. Local caching, and multithreading is supported (if appropriate to the language). They allow programs to access the OWFS system directly, rather than performing filesystem access, or deconstructing web pages.

    Light Language Modules

    Light modules are similar to the shell programs. They connect with an existing owserver process and communicate over the network.

    Utility Programs

    owtap can inspect network transmission of the owserver protocol. owmon shows statistics and setting for an owserver.

    Configuration file

    All the OWFS programs and language modules take either command line arguments, or a configuration file.
    The shell programs take only a few command line arguments, and no configuration file.